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LimeLight follows a proven special formula for success to make sure that any Bar or Bat Mitzvah is an event you and your family will remember for years to come. It all starts with our specialist/ event coordinators. They will work with your family and your child to bring together your ideas into a cohesive theme that will run throughout every aspect of the party.

Most events start with cocktail hour. During this time, the LimeLight crew will keep the kids engaged with activities designed especially to break the ice and get them pumped up for an incredible party! As the party moves into the main room, our performers will tastefully spotlight your child, keeping in mind that our role is to be there with you and your family as part of the event. Our experienced talent, know how to keep children entertained, never forgetting that appropriate interaction with impressionable young adults is paramount. We will keep the party moving with giveaways and prizes for the kids while maintaining an energy that never lets up and leaves your guests wanting more!

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